Sunday, March 25, 2012

and so...

    And so here I am, again attempting to keep a blog. I have noticed that I am the type of person that can't keep to something for awhile, not like A.D.D just, my addiction to things is not strong suppose. I can stay at a place for employment for a long time and I can have relationships for a long time as well but as far as having an addictive gene, well it seems I don't have one. Or it could be that I'm just very interested in evolving to the next thing a supposed activity brings to me. However, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy whatever it is I am doing at that moment, like blogging or photography.

   Since I was last here blogging a lot has happened to me and one very important thing that has changed me is photography! I have come to really love it and see things in with a different sight. I do have an Olympus point and shoot but my iphone is actually responsible for really introducing me to my new love and instagram, an app I have been using every day. The above photo is an iphone macro shot of a rain drop after hiking in the tropical lushness of the island.

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