Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year

it's so hard to let go, of something or someone you've held so dear in your heart. but, it shouldn't have to be held, it should want to be by you and with you, all on its own. so thinking of it in those terms does it alleviate the heart some?, lol

ces't la vie

feeling a bit broken hearted the beginning of this year but I will not let it get to me, no not at, it's a spanking brand new year and I'm going to live it like no other!

I have to be optimistic, I have to talk to myself this way, life is really too short to dwell in the sadness and hurt, it is. And if I had something good, I know that there is something/someone just as good out there or even better than that, hmmmm. However, I'm not one of those people that will be on the hunt for that, I'm one that just likes to let it happen. I actually feel better writing this, thus this year I shall be more active on blogger and not really for readership, if anything just for me. I need to let this stuff out somewhere.

until next time, reader or readers or just the void of the internet.. Happy New Years!